The beginner sailing course is a basic overview and an introduction to a life-long sailing adventure. It is good for those, who have not sailed before or have little experience. From the course people will get abilities and confidence to work in a sailing crew and to sail independently with moderate wind out at sea.

The main focus is on practical skills and from the first lessons, you get to steer, set sail, tack, learn how to reef and how to stay in anchor. We will also teach you all about sailing terminology.

You will learn the following:05671561c012eb_o

  • Sea terminology
  • The theory of sailing
  • Safety on yachts
  • Preparing the yacht for cruises
  • Tacking
  • Sails and how to use them
  • Reefing
  • Sea traffic rules
  • Alongside landing
  • “Man over board” situations

The course lasts 12 hours (4 x 3h) which includes using sailing jackets and jeans. Suitable footwear, hats and sunglasses must be taken with you.

Courses are held weekly Monday – Thursday when the group is full (3-4 people), from May 16th till the end of summer season.

Pre-registration required:


Morning course from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm 190 € per person

Evening course from 18:00 pm – 21:00 pm 220 € per person

Our sailing school is located in Noblessner marina, pier A