The following information on this page is not meant for self-promoting but helping our clients choose the best yacht before going sailing!

If people want to book a cruise then usually they search for about 2-3 companies which provide these services on the Internet and send them an e-mail about it. Usually, people pay attention only to the cost but not everything else.

I can strongly recommend noticing the length of the yacht you want to choose (1 foot = 33cm). It is a BIG difference whenever to put 10 people in a 32-feet yacht’s cockpit or on a few metres larger, about a 40-feet yacht. On the first occasion, it means sitting on each other’s laps and no free space at all which is extremely uncomfortable to everyone.

A longer yacht is also with a longer waterline which makes it steadier, more stable and faster. Longer and bigger yachts also have more spacious rooms, more toilets, a wider cockpit and so on.

The client could also take a closer look at the yacht they’re choosing. Firstly, they’ll get an idea of the yacht’s real size and secondly they can avoid getting a dirty and worn out yacht despite the photos they saw on the company’s website.

The client should see whenever the yacht’s equipment has sprayhood. Sprayhood protects the cockpit from water (splashes or rain) and wind. They could also see if the yacht has a license from the Maritime Administration. It is compulsory that the captain of a more than 12-feet long yacht has a Captain Certification from the Nautical School.

Since technology can fail, it is recommended to see whenever the yacht is the company’s only one (and it usually is) or if it’s possible to go onto another one (when in the middle of a cruise).

We rent our yachts to other companies too which is why you might see some familiar beauties on other companies’ websites. Usually they say these are their own yachts but in the end you still sail with our yacht. It would be just cheaper to book a cruise with it directly from us.  J

Long story short – money is not the most important!