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Cancellation Policy

Dear colleagues, partners and customers

This is a message to all you, regarding an extraordinary situation / emergency that we all are facing, named “Corona Virus Alert / Emergency”, in order to inform you regarding the latest news we have :
According to the latest information, we strongly believe that situation will turn to normal again in the next few weeks. We will evaluate the situation day by day and keep in touch when developments exist.

Due to the emergency, our cancellation policy is adapted as following :

We inform that Spinnaker Ltd/ Baltic Yacht Charter Company/ , will adapt the Charter Agreement Conditions regarding the cancellation of bookings, accepting the re-scheduling of the charter according to the following rules :

1) To all above and below circumstances, the already paid amount will not be returned, but we will provide re-scheduling / alternative dates in 2020 or 2021 season. This because re-schedule a booking constitutes always less damage for both parties, (customer / provider) than cancel all bookings of a boat or a fleet, fact that unloads the 100% of the emergency on the boat owners / operators, with consequential compromise the existence of the companies, providers, employees, and so on.
Owners / Operators / Managers of the boats already did what necessary to maintain and have the boats ready for chartering, so a total cancellation with funds return to every single customer mean zero income which involves closing down businesses.
Let’s cooperate and save sea tourism. Save sea tourism this year means have sea tourism next years for us and for our children.
Alternatively, in cases where it is clearly impossible to implement the rescheduling of the period, we will evaluate other solutions according to the specific case / customer.

With kind regards, Kaspar Eisel SEO

Luxurious trips

Value speed and glamour? From our fleet, lovers of  luxury and trend can find the perfect motor yacht with exclusive leather furniture to invite their guest on and have a nice glass of champagne.

Motorship MOJITO

Mojito is a luxurious 30-feet and 3-deck ship with a interesting history. It has been previously owned by the French Elvis Presley aka Johnny Hallyday. It has been visited by Johnny Depp during the Cannes festival and many other famous celebrities. Now the famous ship is headed to it’s new home in Estonia and will sail in these new waters.