Captain of Yacht I is an intensive practical course, focusing on maneuvering medium size sailing yachts in and out of different mooring situations.

Course is intended to add practical skills for holders of an ICC or equal certificate. Captain of Yacht I course increases practical skills and confidence to command a yacht. Course is fully practical, giving students command of sailing vessels from day one.


Mooring plan
Preparations for mooring
Entering a marina
Rules inside a marina
Parallel mooring
Mooring at a floating dock
Scandinavian mooring
Mediterranean mooring
Cleats, bollards, rings, pilons
Using fenders
Marine knots
Thrusters and propwalk
Managing crew
Operating a dinghy

Duration: 4x3h, one of which is study onshore.

Price: 300 euros

Course is held with the group of 5 people.


Monday – Thursday 11.-14.07 at 18-21
Monday – Thursday 1.-4.08 at 18-21
Tuesday – Friday 9.-12.08 at 18-21
Monday – Thursday 22.-25.08 at 18-21
Monday – Thursday 5.-8.09 at 17-20
Monday-Thursday 19.-22.09 at 17-20

Pre-registration is needed: