Pricelist 2020

    Mon-Thurs   Fri-Sun
Small yacht up to 6 people   490,00   590,00
Middle-size yachts up to 10 people   590,00   690,00
Luxury yachts up to 16 people   690,00   790,00
Catamaran “Nordea” up to 16 people   790,00   890,00
Motoryacht “LuLu” up to 20 people   890,00   990,00
Motoryacht “LuLu” up to 36 people   1200,00   1300,00
Motorship “Mojito” up to 100 people   5000,00   5000,00

The price includes yacht rent with the crew. The cruises can be up to 10 hours long. All the prices shown include turnover tax. The Viimsi Parish’s established law states that Naissaare’s visit free is 2€+km per person will add to the price. Read more about yacht choices

Opportunities on the island:

  • Car kit tour – A tour in the car box that will introduce you the history of the island and will guarantee you a fun experience out in the open air.
  • Catering – We will offer catering for groups on the island
  • The Naissaar Regatta – We will arrange you a regatta in Naissaar