Luxury Motoryachts

Our luxury motoryachts Princess 42 and Azimut 43 give our clients immense comfort out at sea and a luxurious time. They are great for celebrating holidays and spending time with friends, family and colleagues. There can be maximum 10 people on board.

1st hour – 480€ (includes crew and gas)

Waiting hour at the port or in anchor – 100€

From the 3rd hour it is recommended to ask a certain price offer.

The approximate times for planning the budget:

Naissaar Island ca 30 min

Prangli Island ca 45 min

Lohusalu Island ca 45 min

Finland ca 2 hours

Example (Naissaar Island):

1 hour motoryacht use (to-fro) 480€

3 hours of motoryacht waiting time at the port 300€

Total: 780€ (the price includes crew, gas usage and port dues)



For people who love adrenalin and speed, we offer our RIB-type motorboats. We speed on the Tallinn Bay, visit the Seaplane Harbour and according to the weather and our clients’ wishes, spend time out at the open sea! We also offer quick transportation with our motorboats to many nearby islands!

We offer 2 types of RIB motorboats – an open motorboat PARKER 30 and a motorboat with a cabin RIDAS 36.

Price: 270€ per hour (PARKER 30)

Price: 370€ (RIDAS 36)

On the sea safari, the maximum amount of people is 8, on transportation occasions 13. In total, we can take up to 60 people with our RIBs.



If you want to get to Naissaar Island quickly then we have our sea taxi motorboats for you. We will take you there in ca 30 minutes straight from the city centre, Old City Marina but we can also go to other ports. We can provide warm and waterproof jackets if needed.

Price: 270€ per hour (includes gas usage). The maximum amount of people in one motorboat is 13 people.

Waiting hour at the port: 50€

In total we can take up to 60 people to sea with our RIB motorboats.

Example of Naissaare Island:

1 hour motorboat use (to-fro) 270€

3 hours of waiting time at the port 150€

Total: 420€ (the price includes gas usage, port dues and crew)