All little boys and girls can now celebrate their birthdays out at the sea on our motor yacht “LuLu”. The guests can dress up as captains, pirates, mermaids or even as Poseidon/Neptune himself! We will also teach children safety at sea, will tell them why it is important to wear a life jacket and let the young captains steer the steering wheel! You can also invite the sea god Neptune who will tell children exciting stories about life under the sea or you can invite Pipi with her exciting stories.

Motor yacht “LuLu”

LuLu is perfect for children’s birthdays. It is a unique, two-masted 60-feet big and a safe ship. The high and closed reeling lets the little children safely wander around the foreign deck. The cabins, the bathroom and the sauna are located on the first deck. On the second deck there’s the wheelhouse with a big table and a kitchen. On the third deck there’s the steering wheel and benches. The yacht also has a TV where children can watch movies (Finding Nemo, The Pirates of the Caribbean, The Little Mermaid etc).

A great way to celebrate your child’s birthday a little more different than a boring game room!

A birthday cruise on the motor yacht “LuLu” (up to 20 people) for 2 hours 480€ / 3 hours 580€