Snacks menu:

  • Light salted salmon with lemon on toast
  • Anchovy egg on whole grain bread
  • Smoked chicken with tar-tar celery and hazelnut basket
  • Snow crab salad in basket
  • Salami paprika snack on whole wheat bread
  • Ham-cucumber snack with a variety of vegetables
  • Cheese (blue cheese, Estonian cheese, mozzarella) –tomato snacks
  • A variety of fruits

The price is 12€ per person. Minimal order for 10 people. Order for under 10 people is 15€ per person.

The snacks menu does not include alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) drinks. We will deliver drinks according to your orders.

Clients are allowed to bring their own snacks/drinks on board (except for red wine, cherries, strawberries).

Meals on board adds a cleaning fee, 20€, to the yacht rental price, with catamarans and the motor yacht “LuLu” the cleaning fee is 30€.

The prepayment with ordering snacks is 100%.