Welcome to the sailing school!

We are sailing addicts and our mission is to spread it!

Many books have been written about sailing which are mostly full of complicated and often difficult theoretical instructions. But we are different!

Three myths about sailing:

  • Sailing is so complicated – not if you have tried it yourself!
  • Sailing is dangerous – only when you’re too wild and don’t pay attention to all security equipment!
  • Sailing is very expensive – only luxury yachts cost a lot! Sailing on rental yachts isn’t more expensive than a ski trip, surfing or tennis playing.

SAILING.EE sailing school is a practical sailing training course for adults. It begins by sailing on the sea with a professional sailing instructor. Throughout the lessons, we will teach you how to sail independently. This course will give you confidence when sailing in the future.

All of the graduates will get a chance to practice on our training- and charter-yachts as sailors for free. All alumni can rent our training yachts and when they’re more experienced, even bigger yachts!


The beginner sailing course is a basic overview and an introduction to a life-long sailing adventure. It is good for those, who have not sailed before or have little experience. From the course people will get abilities and confidence to work in a sailing crew and to sail independently with moderate wind out at sea.

The main focus is on practical skills and from the first lessons, you get to steer, set sail, tack, learn how to reef and how to stay in anchor. We will also teach you all about sailing terminology.

You will learn the following:05671561c012eb_o

  • Sea terminology
  • The theory of sailing
  • Safety on yachts
  • Preparing the yacht for cruises
  • Tacking
  • Sails and how to use them
  • Reefing
  • Sea traffic rules
  • Alongside landing
  • “Man over board” situations

The course lasts 12 hours (4 x 3h) which includes using sailing jackets and jeans. Suitable footwear, hats and sunglasses must be taken with you. The course allows up to 5 people. Pre-register today:


Morning course from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 160 € per person

Evening course from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. 190 € per person


This course is meant for people who have passed the Beginner Course or those who have moderate sailing experience such as steering, reefing, tacking and so on.

The graduates of this course will know how to sail spinnakers, can manage difficult sailing maneuvers and is active to participate in sailing competitions as a team.

You will learn the following:

  • Sailing spinnakers
  • Sailing gennakers
  • Rules to avoiding crashing
  • Working as a team
  • Yacht maneuvers
  • Wind watching, analyzing it and using it to sails’ advantage
  • Sails’ aerodynamics, trimming
  • A short view of the competition ratings

The course lasts 12 hours (4 x 3h) which includes using sailing jackets and jeans. Suitable footwear, hats and sunglasses must be taken with you. The course allows up to 5 people. Pre-register today:

Price: Evening course from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. 170 € per person


The navigation course is for people with little sailing experience. The course lasts for 2 days and we will be navigating in the Archipelago of Finland. We will stay overnight in the beautiful Elissaare Island (with sauna and grill). You will be taught how to plan for longer voyages, how to navigate with paper and electronic maps and finding your location through different signs. And of course – sailing!

On the morning of the first day between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. We will depart from Old City Marina. We will sail over Finland Bay and go to Elissaare Island. Before departure people will do practical work at the port and learn how to plan their journey on a map. People will learn throughout the day and will see their location on a navigation plotter. After entering the Archipelago of Finland we will navigate using an old traditional paper map. After reaching our destination, we will be welcomed by a nice little port with a nice sauna and a grill.

The morning of the second day begins with planning the voyage and we will be back in Tallinn by late night.

The cost for our sailing course students is 250€ per person, normal people 320€ per person. Pre-register today:

The price includes beds, catering (breakfast and dinner), sailing clothes if needed and sauna.